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"Employee of the Quarter"

Employee of the Quarter

April 2019-; Marquette “Boo Boo” Berry is the Duramatic Employee of the Quarter for 2nd Quarter, FY 2019.

“Boo Boo” hails from Glennville, Georgia. He has been an employee of Duramatic for over 17 years, and currently works in the Heat Treat Department. Throughout his time here at Duramatic, Marquette has always been very quick learner, and eager to take on more responsibilities within his department. He always makes for an excellent team member, and can be counted on to help in other departments when the need arises. Marquette is committed to the goals set forth by Duramatic Products- to safely deliver a quality product that enhances the customer experience.

“Boo Boo has been a big reason behind our continued success”, says Dale Thomas, Berry’s supervisor. “He constantly maintains high production rates, and tries to find ways to improve himself, and find ways to help make the company better, every day”. Marquette was recently selected to move to the night shift as a Lead Man, which brings with it some added responsibilities- not only producing product, but setting up machinery and equipment to run. Not only did Marquette volunteer for it, but once in that position, has thrived at it. He has become an example that the newer operators can look to, both as an example to follow, and as a source for information and institutional knowledge.

From everyone here at Duramatic, a hearty congratulations goes out to Marquette “Boo Boo” Berry on a job well done!

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Duramatic Products celebrates the 25th anniversary of ISO certification in 2019

In 1994, Duramatic became a forerunner in the outdoor power equipment industry by earning prestigious ISO 9002 certification for lawn mower and edger blade manufacturing, meeting exacting guidelines developed by the International Organization for Standardization.

“2019 marks the 25th anniversary of our initial certification audit,” commented Tim Cooper, General Manager at Duramatic. “Being a part of the continual ISO audit process establishes accountability which ensures a quality management system that consistently provides a high-quality product to our customers.”

Duramatic reaches new milestones in blade production

Total blade production at Duramatic Products since its inception in 1950 will surpass 250 million early in 2020 according to Tim Cooper, General Manager.

Duramatic currently produces one lawn mower or edger blade every 1.6 seconds. Tim adds, “This will be a milestone accomplishment for this family-owned company. We take great pride in producing blades that are recognized around the world for exceptional performance, proven reliability, and unsurpassed quality. This is made entirely possible by a team that is committed to manufacturing the best blades on the market. It is an honor to work alongside them every day.”

Highlighted on this journey was the first 1 million blade month for production. This occurred in October 2018 when 1,061,073 blades were produced and sold. This has raised the bar for productivity and growth of this company and highlights the dedication and teamwork of our front line employees.

Duramatic blades meet stringent quality benchmarks including dimensional tolerances, hardness standards and ductility requirements. Blades are checked by Rockwell hardness tests, bend tests and impact tests to ensure that production meets ANSI quality standards and exceeds customer expectations.

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